Are hgtv remodel costs accurate?

People love home remodel reality shows on the TV. 

We like to image what it would be like to have our own home renovation that only takes a weekendto finish and eveyrthing id done exactly how we want it. 

This isn't realistic as much as reality tv shows want to claim it is reality. 

When watching these shows don't establish unrealistic expectations for your next remodel project. 

Here are some false realities that are shared on TV. 

First the overnight transformations are not realistic. This takes a large budget and if you have a whole tv show behind your project then it's more possible to get this done, but for a normal howowner the costs would be too high to get the job done that quickly. Your job is going to always take you longer than what they say it is going to take. In TV shows they change the timeline and lie about it so that it fits into their story better. 

There are many steps that to remodeling a home that don't take place in a tv show. Meetings with architects and contractors take a good amount of time. Figureing out what materials and finishes to use take a lot of time. There is a significant amount of time put into planning and preparation, not just walking through the home quickly and saying what we are going to do like you see in a show. 

How much does it really cost to remodel? This is what you really want to know. 

No matter how hard you try you aren't going to be able to beat the prices you see on reality tv shows. 

Because the remodels being done on tv have a show behind then they receive discounted labor, parts, materials, and more through sponsoring brands. This brings the cost way down. Reality remodel shows are known for using cheap materials and rushing the labor process just to get the show done. 

If you saw on a reality tv show that you can remodel your kitchen for $10,000, I hate to break it to you but it's likely you aren't going to see that price for your own home if you want to use quality, long lasting materials. 

Keep in mind there is a lot of clever editing that goes into a tv show that makes things seem like they didn't take much effort or time at all. When the project is on screen they willl be showing a few people working in the background, where in reality after they finish the take a huge crew of people rush in to finish the job. This is a huge lie that home renovation shows are telling their viewers. 

If you are untrained you shouldn't be trying to demolition your house by yourself. It can be very dangerous if you do something wrong. 

A lot of the furniture used in shows to spruce up the rooms are just in there temporarily to make everything look good on camera. In reality the homeowners are not able to afford to keep all the added furniture used in the show. 

In the show they take one quick trip to the store and come back with everything they need. In reality we know this is never true. Something always goes wrong or you forget to grab something or something isn't in stock at that store, etc. The shows just make it look easy when it really isn't.

So what did we learn? Well, the reality tv shows on home remodel aren't really showing reality and even though they are enjoyable to watch, don't be fooled by the vast difference they hold from a real remodel experience.