Bathroom Remodel In Tacoma

A bathroom remodel is when you take a current bathroom and fashion it anew. We take the structure and the style of the bathroom and give it a make over by reconstructing it. This process of bathroom remodeling is going to consiste of more than just the process of replacing fixtures in the bathroom. A typical bathroom remodel project is going to take the design and layout of the room and figure out how it can be upgraded to make the room more enjoyable and more functional. A relocating of the current fixtures is definitely a part of the remodeling process. Another part to the bathroom remodel process is adding new fixtures and in a bathroom we can add fixtures like windows, steam rooms, a walk in shower, a suana, a shower, a double sink, a newer toilet, and so many more options that will improve your bathroom space. Adding a skylight to a bathroom can help bring more natural light to the room and might be something you are interested in doing depending upon the durrent layout of your bathroom. There are a lot of bathroom remodel projects that typically have some aspect of making the room bigger. When you make a bathroom bigger it involves moving or taking out the closets and walls in order to create more space available to those using the bathroom. In this process of making a bathroom larger we can redesign the whole layout of the bathroom if you'd like and each house is going to be a custom situation for the options we will have available to us. 

A bathroom remodeling project is similar to a bathroom renovation but the bathroom remodel process has a few things different than an actual renovation. An upgrade to a bathroom would be simply replacing the current fixtures or old fixtures with new and improved ones. This process is usually not complicated at all and we are happy to help you with this process. If you would like a new shower in your bathroom or a new sink, toilet, mirror, etc. Just let us know and we can help you find the right upgraded fixture for your situation. The cost of an upgrade project is going to be the cost of the new fixtures, the disposal of the old, and the labor and other materials it takes to finish the job. Each project is going to be very different so it is best to get a quote from us in order to have a good idea of what your project might cost before we get started. 

Whether you are wanting to just upgrade some fixtures in your bathroom, or remodel the existing design, or completely renovate your bathroom we are excited to help you. A lot of home owners spend more time in their bathrooms than they think. The bedroom and the kitchen are high traffic areas of the home and the bathroom is right up there. It's important to enjoy your bathroom experience and having a bathroom that feels nice and spacious is important to this process.