Bookcases and Shelving

Installing custom bookcases and shelving into your home is a great addition and should be high on your list. Having proper storage space is not only going to provide more space for your things but it will add to the overall look of your room. A custom bookcase looks great in an office and custom shelving looks great in every other room! 

Many people wonder what the cost for a custom bookshelf is going to be. When looking at the average costs we can have projects that range from $1000 up to $5000 for one of our carpenters to do the job. The cost is all going to depend on the size and complexity you are wanting for your home. Get creative and share your ideas with us, we are excited to help you bring them to life and improve the quality of your home. 

Having a built in bookshelf and built in cabinet is an effective option when you are trying to minize clutter in a room. With custom carpentry you can literally build these shelves to hold anything you want. When they are built in they become part of the room and they don't look as though they are taking up as much space, especially if we push the build of the shelves into the walls of your home. Having shelves or a bookcase that is built into your wall is a very elegant look and will be a great upgrade to your home. 

We will start with the design process and deside how your bookshelf is going to look and add to the feel of your room. Next we will discuss what type of materials are going to be best for this project. After this we can move into the contruction phase and start the actual build project. Once your custom bookshelf is done you are going to be thrilled! Wait until you see the finished product and you will be so happy you decided to move forward with this project. 

There are a variety of different forms of built in cabinetry. Here are some options you can choose from:

- Built in cabinets with closed doors are a great idea for your office space or any other work space. 

- A nice entertainment center with built in shelving can be a great place to place your tv, along with your devices. 

- A built in cabinet in your dining room can have both closed and open cabinets to hold your dishware and decor. 

- A bookcase that is built in can be great for your living room or office and can be a nice place to hold your rememberable pieces, books, and small gadgets. 

Prior to purchasing a custom shelving project it's important to decide what exactly you want your shelves to be used for. What do you want the shelves to be for and where in your house do you want them? Once we have this information we can start to move forward with your custom project. 

Your next step right now is to give us a call!