Crown Molding

What is crown molding? 

A lot of us don't even realize how often we see molding in our day to day lives. We are actually surrounded by a lot more molding then you notice and that is actually one of the jobs of molding. It connects the walls with the cealing so there is a smoother transition. You would probably notice of the molding wasn't there in the first place because the transition would be a lot more harsh. Molding is often found around ceilings in interior, doors, and windows. But we don't really spend too much time thinking about it. We just benefit from having it there. Today we are going to give you some more information about molding and crown molding specifically so you have a little more knowledge behind the decision you make to put molding in your home. 

Crown molding is a category in molding all of itself. 

Molding is a term in general that we use for any type of trim in a house. Ceiling molding is called "crown molding." There is another word called "millwork" and this refers to wood molding that has been milled, which could be baseboards, built ins, molding, cabinetry, etc. 

Originally, crown molding was installed for very practical reasons and then later it became more decorative. It's a decorative piece that ads to a room while still maintaining a practical function of connecting the walls with the ceiling and coverying up any gaps that might be showing. When installing walls and ceiling it can be very difficult to get them to meet perfectly and it often results in gaps being shown. Like all trim it surves a great perpose to cover up the gaps and to connect the two pieces seamlessly. As more and more people started using crown molding it became more andmore elegant and decorative. You can actually look through the history of molding and see the artistic progression it has taken over the years. 

The first purpose of molding was realy to clean up the space between the ceiling and the walls. The crown in crown molding has made it much more than it's original meaning. If a molding is designed correctly it can really lighten a space inside a building and if it does it's purpose it will draw your eyes up toward the ceiling of the room which will open up the room in your mind making it feel bigger and more decorative. If you have an old house that isn't impressive and you add crown molding it can really increse the value of the home just by how people experience it. It is also coving up what would make the room look less eligant. Crown molding can even help draw people's eyes away from peeling paint on the walls or even cobwebs from spiders. 

When it comes to the materials used for molding in a house there are a variety of different materials. If you have highly crafted crown molding we know that they were originally made from plaster and a lot of the current crown moldings are still made of plaster. What is convenient about plaster molding is that a form is made and then once you have the form you can duplicate that mold over and over again with ease. This is a lot more challenging if you are trying to use actual wood for your molding because you can't use a mold or form when working with wood for your crown molding project.

There are a lot of different designs for crown molding out there and an expert home remodeler will know what style of molding is going to be the best for the rooms in your home. Catalogs will show you a variety of designs you can help get your brain going on deciding what you like the most. If you can get a small sample of different types of molding you can actually take it home and put it up in your house next to each other to compare the differences to see which one you like best and which one suits your home the most. Give us a call and we can help you decide what type of crown molding is best for you!