How to remodel a shower

How to remodel a shower...

Here's a little exercise for you. Close your eyes and visualize the current bathroom that you have with the current shower that you have. now imagine your bathroom and shower completely changed into the ideal setup you decide. Once you have a vision for your project it helps you to create a plan and to stay motivated to complete your project so that your initial Vision can come to life.

Remodeling a shower it's not as complicated as some think it is. The basic principles of remodeling the shower includes removing the old shower and installing a new one. Obviously you have Plumbing that you need to make sure will line up with your new shower but other than that there's not a lot more to it.

Removing an old shower is similar to any other demolition; you're going to make a mess in the progress but in the end it will all be worth it.  Once your old shower is removed you will want to clean up the empty space so that you have a fresh canvas to start from.  if your new shower is going to take up more room than your previous shower then you will want to make sure but you map out the footprint your new shower is going to take up in your bathroom . if you need to move existing walls this is the time to do this. once you know that you have enough space for your new shower you'll now need to reroute the plumbing so that it matches the new footprint of the new shower. Having a plumber help with this process can be helpful to those who don't have a lot of Plumbing experience. However, if you have some Plumbing experience it's not too complicated to figure out.

Once you have your plumbing in place you can then install your new shower. the style of shower you are choosing to upgrade to will determine how the installation process goes. If you are creating a  built in shower then you will start building the shower typically from the ground up. If you are installing a pre-built shower then getting the shower into the room is going to be your next step in the process. some pre-built showers come in different pieces and so bringing all the pieces into the room and assembling them together will be the easiest way to go about this process.

Once you have a new shower in place you want to put the finishing touches to make sure that everything is watertight and that the plumbing is functioning as it should. At this point your shower should be ready to go and you've completed the remodel process. If putting in a new shower seems like a daunting task to you and you would rather have a professional help you then feel free to give us a call and let us know that you would like to put in new shower into your bathroom and we would be happy to help.