How to remodel a small bathroom

How to remodel a small bathroom

Remodeling portions of your house can be easy when there is enough room to work with. However, when you're working in a small space it makes remodeling more complicated and you have to be a little bit more creative with your ideas. A small  bathroom makes a good challenge for a remodel project. the first thing we look for when remodeling a small bathroom is if the bathroom actually needs to be there in the first place or can the bathroom  increase in size bye taking down a wall and using space that is in another room for the bathroom. If you do determine that the bathroom does need to be there and you're not able to increase the square footage of the bathroom itself then you have to figure out how you can rearrange the bathroom area and its components in order to function better.

A great practice to put into place when trying to remodel a small place is getting some graph paper and cutting out each peace that is in the room in the appropriate size comparable to your room on the graph paper and then rearranging the pieces to see which way fits best. sometimes you're fine if you flip a door around to make it open the other way or you turn a toilet sideways or you take out a tub and just have a stand up shower you'll be able to create some more space for your bathroom.

Using a small bathroom can be really frustrating as you quickly realize you don't have enough room. Y'all can find yourself banging into things or when you sit down to go to the bathroom or step out of the shower you feel like you're invading the space occupied by another item that is in the bathroom. if you've ever sat on the toilet in the small bathroom and have your knees up against something else you quickly realize that this is not an ideal setup. why are some bathroom so small you might ask? They really are a lot of different possible answers to that question but one of them could be that the original Builder was trying to save on costs as they built the home and decided to make the bathroom smaller instead of bigger. 

Once you have figured out how you are going to rearrange the bathroom then you can decide how you are going to upgrade each one of the components. You might have an older style toilet and it would be nice to update to a newer style. Or you might have an older shower that is actually built with thicker walls and is taking up more room than it needs to and put in a new shower and would give you some more space even though you haven't change the orientation of where the shower sets. The sink and the counters around the sink are also going to take up space and you can get creative and sometimes placing a cabinet above the toilet will save some room. 

In conclusion remodeling a small bathroom is a creative process and you really have to figure out what is best for your specific bathroom. There isn't one set answer to how to go about doing this and if you can get in contact with a professional remodeler they are most likely able to help you with your project give you the best results possible. Feel free to give us a call and let us help you with your next project.