Insulating An Older Home

Insulating An Older Home

Insulating an older home is an all or nothing deal. There are many considerations to factor in when planning and executing the remodeling of an older home. The insulation is a critical component that should not be skipped on or any shortcuts taken. The insulation must be done properly or you might end up with problems that destroy your home from the inside out.

North American homes built before the 1950s are typically made with wood in German post and beam style. straw infill and plaster. Though wood typically has few enemies (namely termites and fire), the only serious enemy of wood is water. The basic wood structure of older homes is very resilient and can put up with getting wet several times. However, they must be able to properly dry out or you could be looking at serious rot issues and the irretrievable loss of a beautiful older home.

When remodeling an older home It's very important to avoid simply drilling holes from the outside to blowing in cheap cellulose, replugging the holes and paint over everything to hide the patch-up job. This is probably the worst thing you could do insulation wise when remodeling an old house. The moisture levels will rise and hold condensation exponentially inside of the cavities of the wall. With temperatures that drop down below 65 degrees Fahrenheit at night there will be additional condensation to speed up the inevitable rot in the walls.

In order to avoid this remodeling disaster it's important to ensure that no part of the home breathes other than open windows or the ventilation system. A home, regardless of his age needs to be sealed up tight! A professional remodeler will ensure that the insulator removes all of the weather barrier and cladding in between the walls to properly inject spray foam insulation. In addition to replacing older windows and installing the flashing properly. This will ensure that the remodeling of an older home is done properly.

Insulating the walls of an older home is a major project that really is an all-or-nothing deal. Considering the expense that's involved with remodeling older homes, taking the time to ensure the insulation is done properly will be well worth the investment so you don't end up with a remodeling disaster and possibly lose in the home (and all your money)in the end.