Kitchen remodel where to put microwave?

Kitchen remodel, where to put the microwave?

Sorry you're thinking about remodeling your kitchen and you've thought through the different locations but your microwave but you're not sure which place will be the best. Going off in your functional layout you want to figure out where the microwave will function best with all the other pieces of the kitchen. You have a variety of different options of where to place the microwave will go through what that might look like. 

The majority of American homes all have a microwave in them. microwaves cook food quickly and they can heat up beverages within minutes and are easy to you.  you want your microwave to be place in the convenient locations so that it's easy to access when you're in the middle of cooking or need something warmed up like a snake.

One common location for microwaves is on the countertop whether it's on your existing countertop or you have a specific countertop designed just for your microwave. another option is to hang your microwave over the counter so that the bottom of the counter is in line with the base of your upper cabinets. microwaves that come with an exhaust fan in them are typically placed over the stove so that the exhaust fan can compound the unwanted air when cooking on your stove. a microwave drawer is a common upgrade when people remodel their kitchen. It makes it convenient to access the microwave without having to lift items very high. it's also easy to make a microwave drawer out of sight to where it's not as noticeable compared to if it was on the counter or above the stove.  If you're doing that custom remodel we can a built-in microwave where we build the microwave into the wall or into the cabinets that you have in your kitchen. Placing the microwave above your oven is a common option. You could also place your microwave in an appliance covered wear when you are finished with the microwave you can close the cabinet doors and stow it away until your next use without it being seen. a final option is to ditch the microwave all together and then you don't have to worry about where you're going to place it!

Microwaves don't last forever just like other kitchen appliances like the refrigerator or stove top or dishwasher, and it's good to think about how you would replace your microwave if it stopped working suddenly. Obviously if your microwave was sitting on the countertop this would be the easiest place to replace it as it's not attached to anything. If your microwave was built into your cabinets or is a microwave drawer placed above the stove these are going to be harder to replace or do maintenance on due to the fact that they are built in.

So do you have a lot of options to choose from, ideally you want to pick a spot for your microwave where it will be convenient to use and it will also go well with the style of your kitchen that you already have. if you would like to talk to us about custom built-in microwave options or need help installing a microwave during your kitchen remodel project don't hesitate to give us a call.