Remodel Can Lights

Remodel Can Lights

Remodel can lights are recessed lights that go into the ceiling. can lights have two different types of support in order to hold them in place. The can is the housing for the fixture and it's usually supported buy metal clips push through the housing on to the the top of the ceiling. if you're doing a new construction than the can light is typically supported by screwing or nailing the fixture to the ceiling joists. if you're having trouble  getting above the ceiling in order to run the electrical wiring you might have to use a remodeling fixture in order to help you. If you do have access to the crawl space above the ceiling where the fixture will be located in your home then you can install the lights easily into the existing ceiling. if you're feeding wire that runs to the light through the studs in the wall remember to drill holes at the wires can pass through the studs. when you put in the wires together for a can light the wires going to a junction box. 

Insulation capability is common for many recessed lighting fixtures. If you're lighting does have insulation capability this means that your lights can be installed in locations where they will make contact with insulation. If you do plan on installing your lights were there's insulation make sure you buy fixtures that are IC rated in order to keep your home safe. Your only other option is to make sure that you keep the insulation away from the lights.

recessed fixtures or can lights are hardwired lights that go into a home. When you're installing the wiring for a hardwired light you want to make sure that the circuit that you're connecting the lights to is not already maxed out. If the circuit is already maxed out then you'll have to either create a new circuit or attach the lights to a different existing circuit that can handle the load. If you're installing a lot of lights you want to make sure that your wattage total is going to be low enough all the lights the function properly. 

When remodeling your home and switching to can lights this can be a great upgrade to your living space. Can lights are popular because people enjoy how they look and how they don't protrude from the ceiling. Can lights have the ability to be hidden into the ceiling and yet still provide a large amount of light to a room at a good quality. Obviously the type of light bulb you use in your can lights is going to affect the type of lighting you have in the room and so this process of picking which type of Lights should be considered by the homeowner for how they want the room to look. 

If you're remodeling your home and you're updating the lights in the home please consider using can lights in order to make the room like that much better. Can lights are great way to increase the value of your home.