Remodel when pregnant?

Remodel when pregnant

if you or your wife is pregnant and you want to do a home renovation you should think twice before beginning the process or shortly after pregnancy because of the dangers that the baby and mom can be exposed to. Renovations and remodels are very common and people are doing them extremely often in their home. often times when a first born baby is on the way parents want to do some remodeling to prepare for the baby. a lot of these parents try to take on this renovation process by themselves in an attempt to save some money. YouTube TV shows based on Home Remodeling the popularity of home renovations has gone up and up. None of these home improvement shows however are talking about the negative impact that these projects can have on a pregnant Mother's or the baby's health.

There's a lot of gas that is generated from home remodel projects and that dust can be a dangerous Hazard for anyone that comes into the house especially young children. If you are stripping paint or taking down walls pulling up carpet or getting rid of mold, all of these activities have the chance of exposing family members to silica, wood dust, asbestos, lead, and other toxic particles that go Airborne inside the house. if someone is exposed to these pollutants there are a wide variety of negative health effects that range from mild cases like I throat and nose irritation and up to more severe allergic cases that have respiratory symptoms, dermatitis, asthma, silicosis, bronchitis, eczema call Matt and other neurodevelopmental and reproductive disorders. Not to mention cancer like liver, breast, lung, leukemia to just name a few of them.

Due to the fact that children are still growing they have a nervous system that is more vulnerable to toxins that are in their environment. This is really important to pay attention to especially during the first trimester of a pregnancy when the nervous system of the baby is developing rapidly. In scientific studies We are continuing to find that short-term exposure even during pregnancy to certain chemicals can have negative effects on the reproductive system, alter someone's body weight, contribute to different neurodevelopmental disorders and cancer. This applies to not only the immediate offspring but this also applies to grandchildren and other feature descendants of the family. If you have of home that is free 1970s which means it was built in the 1970s or before, then you have a chance of lead pay  being on your walls and if someone is exposed to the dust from this paint or if somehow the paint gets into their system this can be highly dangerous. when light is turned into dust it absorbed into the body very easily especially if the person has an insufficient amount of calcium. lead damages the nervous system because it is a neurotoxin and it accumulates inside the body tissue  like the liver, kidney's, brain, bones, and T4 example. this is especially hazardous two pregnant women and they should all be very careful to avoid it. 

In conclusion if you or someone you know is pregnant or recently had a child it's better to not expose them to a remodel environment.