Wood Fencing

Adding a fence to your property is a great way to upgrade your property value and your privacy / security. A nice wood fence brings a lot of valuable qualities to your home. A lot of families with kids enjoy having a fence because it allows the kids to play in the yard without the parents or care takers having to worry about the kids running off of the property. The fence also protects the kids playing area from intruders. Not that security is something we enjoy thinking about, but it is an important part to building a safe home. A fence can bring a lot of ease to a family knowing they have another layer of protection in their yard. Families also have pets and having a fence is very helpful when you let your dogs outside to play or go to the bathroom. A fence allows your pets to have their own space outside with a permanent boundry allowing them to roam and explore without having a leash attached to them. Dogs like to play with each other and run around. As our population increases the places where you can let your dog off leash and play are becoming more and more limited. So having a yard where you can let your dog off leash and play is a great benefit to improve your pups life and actually give you less responsibility when they are off leash playing. A fence also brings privacy. Our homes are supposed to be a place where we feel safe and this allows us to rest and relax. Your fence can provide you the privacy to sun tan in the backyard, or to have a personal garden that feels secluded and your own little space. Speaking of gardens, a fence can be placed around your garden area to keep animals out. Deer especially love to come into gardens and eat plants that you have worked so hard to produce for your family. Rabbits are another animal that is known for getting into gardens to eat the food. We can build a fence with a below ground barrier to keep animals from intruding, even if they try to dig below the fence. Some families have chickens and installing a fence will help you keep your chickens contained. We have the ability to help you build a chicken coup if you are interested. As custom carpenter remodelors we have the ability to build a wide variety of items. If you have something in mind please let us know and we will tell you how we can help you make it happen. Building fences are a great step in the right direction of home improvement projects. We make sure all of our fences look professional and are finished with the right touch. In order to build your fence we will need to know where you want the fence on your property and the style you are looking for. Once we know how big your fence is going to be we can price out materials and give you a good quote for how much we think it will cost. Give us a call!